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 Light novel le school students . "Light novel" is a mainly published in separate book volumes, while some of them have their chapters serialized in anthology magazines before collection in book form, comparable to how manga are published. 
A distinguishing characteristic of light novels is that they are illustrated with anime and manga art style, often being adapted into such media. 
Light novels are often called ranobe or, in the West, LN. The average length of a light novel is about 50,000 words, the equivalent size of an American novel, and light novels are usually published in bunkobon size, often with dense publishing schedules. 
It called The Death Mage that doesn't want a fourth time.
It a great series, but also a sad one. Alot of talks about child abuse,rape, and other negative issues. I do respect author for while it an isakai aka another world type story he mention many topics that still pretain to earth. For exp, the author doesn't choose a side if abortion is alright or if the baby has a soul after or before he/she is born.
So what the Light Novel about?
It a boy struggle to defy fate itself without many allies in the world. He gets betrayed many times by his own peer and even gods. It a great series.
Yes there a manga for it but it really slow....

Read it here: https://light-novel.online/


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